Sales Support and promotional Programmes

PAYBACK gives you access to a unique tool for supporting the sales process. The broad possibilities of reporting and analysing data allow for monitoring the current operations, planning long-term activities and differentiating the scope of tasks for the particular departments.

To meet your company’s needs, we provide you with the entire technological background of the PAYBACK Programme: the databases, contact centre and the latest technological solutions concerning the management of sales activities and formation of multi-faceted relations with customers. All these elements combine to create a process that eventually leads to motivating customers to purchase your products or use your services.

PAYBACK – the Bonus Programme whose participants collect points for their purchases made in high-street shops and online shops, and then exchange them for prizes. The Programme partners, on the other hand, gain access to unique communication channels with the participants, while learning about their purchasing needs and habits.

Consumer promotions

Management of consumer-brand relationships

Using the multi-channel PAYBACK digital marketing, our team of analysts will help you build long-lasting relations with customers and increase their commitment to your brand.

On-pack consumer promotions:

Are you looking for an alternative to freebies or supersize promotions? The on‑pack promotion codes is a way to immediately award a customer for purchasing a specific product and monitor sales growth in real time.

Motivational programmes

For your employees

Award PAYBACK points for fulfilling objectives, performing tasks, creative ideas or efficient implementation of new functions. In this way, you will successfully increase your employees’ motivation.

For your business partners

Award PAYBACK points to your contractors who meet specific contractual conditions and grant additional packages to those who keep raising the bar by increasing their sales or arranging additional exhibition of your goods.

For special occasions

The cards charged with PAYBACK points can make perfect gifts: your employees can make independent decisions on what to spend their points on, and you can save the time needed so far preparing gift baskets.

Marketing campaigns

Dedicated promotional campaigns

Due to the advanced targeting of the PAYBACK database, the digital promotional campaigns, which we create, are aimed at the precisely selected respondents who are really interested in your products.

Consumer surveys

With CAWI and CATI tools, we provide you with the data about the perception of your brand against competition, we measure client satisfaction levels, we assess the efficiency of promotional mechanisms and conduct concept tests for products. We analyse the market, provide feedback and monitor the changes in your customers’ behaviour patterns.


We reach a selected group of your customers with product samples, and then present their feedback – in an effective manner and at attractive prices.

PAYBACK: the best loyalty programme in Poland

On 23 April 2015 in Kraków, the best loyalty projects in Poland in 2014 were for the first time recognised with the Loyalty Awards. The winners were selected in a two-stage poll, in which votes were cast only by expert practitioners in the management of relations and creation of customer loyalty. The awards were granted to the best projects in retail sales, services, B2B (relations with resellers) as well as the best new programme and the innovation of the year.

Find out more about our offer:

Business consulting and consumer analysis

We will help you put the customer knowledge in the centre of your activities. We will accelerate the development of your company, providing objective assessment of its activities and implementing simple yet effective changes 

Dedicated loyalty programmes

Through an individual approach and in-depth analysis, we will tailor a loyalty programme to your company’s needs 

Sales support and promotional programmes

We know how important it is to plan your sales activities precisely and monitor their effectiveness continuously. We also know how to implement your company’s strategies even more effectively.