Business Consulting

Lack of objective assessment of activities is the main obstacle on the way to company’s development. Our business consultants and analysts will take a fresh look at your activities and pinpoint the areas that make it difficult to maximise the related benefits. Through implementation of the customer-centric approach and effective change management, the recommended business activities will start to bring benefits commensurate with your and your customers’ expectations.

Scope of services

Data auditing

With advanced analytical tools, we will integrate and analyse the model of the data used at your company. At this stage, we will focus on assessing the data quality and searching for the Quick Wins within the framework of an in-depth diagnosis of your activities. It is often at this stage that we come to breakthrough conclusions, the implementation of which translates into tangible business results in a short time.

Organisation auditing

We will check the extent to which your company benefits from the potential of your data and how customer knowledge supports your decision-making processes. We will examine whether your employees have access to such data and, if so, whether they draw appropriate conclusions from them. We will also suggest modifications in your processes so that the knowledge about your customers could translate into right decisions and effective actions.

Knowledge management system with Big Data integration

We know that the fulfilment of business objectives is affected by a number of variables. Therefore, we analyse internal and external data from a number of categories. They include, for instance, weather, location and competition factors. 

We will design a reporting system which will streamline the work of your particular departments. The reason why it is so essential to implement it and how to fully benefit from auditing data in practice will be discussed at special training courses.

Examples of Quick Wins based on data auditing and organisation auditing:

  • optimisation of opening hours of shops at selected locations (sales increase of 16% at selected departments)
  • effective local assortment and promotional strategies in response to the shops opened by the biggest competitor (stopping the drastic decrease in sales at the departments with intensified competition)
  • redefinition of the formats of the shops based on their consumer-related characteristics
  • optimisation of terms and conditions of franchise agreements

You are confident that you know your customers like nobody else. You may even be precise in defining the current needs of some of them. But what about others? Do all your products reach the right recipients? These questions will be answered if you treat the particular groups of customers individually. When you know recipients of your marketing activities, you will be able to formulate your message more precisely to maximise its power.

Compiling the sociodemographic and sales data, we will precisely define your customers, present their needs, behaviour patterns, and expectations. This knowledge will help you gain advantage over your competition and create the product that is tailored to the consumers’ preferences. The criteria which we use to select specific groups include geographical location, status, development potential, missions and purchasing needs.

What are your benefits of segmenting the consumer potential?

When the priority segment for your business is determined, you can intensify the activities targeted at these specific groups of consumers, and this will successfully increase their satisfaction level and persuade them to buy more often. Through segmentation you will customise your portfolio so that the products perfectly match the specific needs of a given group. Moreover, you will appreciate the opportunity to observe the development of the segments over time – this will help you understand which segment is the driving force behind your business growth, and which segment requires your particular attention to defend its value.

We will create the Marketing Mix strategy adapted to the specific groups of consumers, and we will implement it and measure its effects:

  • we will thoroughly examine your assortment and specify the functions of your products based on the decision tree and the analysis of audience buying;
  • we well determine the level of customer loyalty to the particular products;
  • we will specify the products that should compete in the market with low prices;
  • we will increase your margin and involvement of your customers by creating effective promotional mechanisms;
  • we will evaluate the effects of your marketing activities and decide whether they actually influence the increase in your sales;
  • we will measure the efficiency of the ATL and digital campaigns;
  • we will make your customer relations more individualised, differentiating your offers to meet the needs of the particular groups.

Business effects of our projects:

The implementation of the Marketing Mix optimisation helped to achieve tangible business effects:

  • sales increased by as much as 10.5% through optimisation of the assortment and planograms in a category;
  • better understanding of specific customers’ needs, which resulted in as many as 70% of the customers decide to use the dedicated offers;
  • optimisation of the promotional newsletter: reducing the number of pages by half led to the decrease in printing costs by 20% and, at the same time, increased the sales of the promoted products by 8%.

The right message to the right person at the right time: these are the main assumptions of the Contact Strategy.

The starting point in creating the Strategy is to understand the behaviour pattern of your customer and the possible variants of its development. For this purpose, we create a model that describes the life cycle and the engagement level of your customers at the individual stages of their relationship with the brand. When you understand the process of consumers’ making their purchasing decisions, you will be able to use the most suitable marketing channel and message at a given moment. 

We will take care of the continuous enhancement of the efficiency and adequacy of your communication with Test&Learn tools. As a result, your customers will be confident that the products you offer meet their expectations.

PAYBACK: the best loyalty programme in Poland

On 23 April 2015 in Kraków, the best loyalty projects in Poland in 2014 were for the first time recognised with the Loyalty Awards. The winners were selected in a two-stage poll, in which votes were cast only by expert practitioners in the management of relations and creation of customer loyalty. The awards were granted to the best projects in retail sales, services, B2B (relations with resellers) as well as the best new programme and the innovation of the year.

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Dedicated loyalty programmes

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Business consulting and consumer analysis

We will help you put the customer knowledge in the centre of your activities. We will accelerate the development of your company, providing objective assessment of its activities and implementing simple yet effective changes