Recruitment point-by-point

You apply for a particular position

Would you like to join our team? See our current job vacancies and submit your application. If there is no vacancy matching your qualifications, leave your CV with us – we will get back to you when we start a recruitment process for your profile.

We will analyze your CV

Before you submit your application, please make sure that your competences and experience match the criteria specified in a job description. Preparing your CV, consider the requirements for the position you apply for, and then submit the CV using a short form.

You will meet with a HR department employee

If we find your CV interesting, we will be happy to meet you personally. We will call you to arrange a convenient date and time for a meeting and then will send you an invitation to your mailbox. The meeting is the point where we would like to learn about your competences, experience, expectations but also your knowledge about our company and your passions. You may like to consider it when preparing to the interview. We respect your time, that is why, at the end of each recruitment stage we will provide you with our feedback, whatever our decision may be.

Your future manager would like to meet you

If the first meeting is successful, we will invite you to meet a manger at the department you apply for, the point being to offer potential employees a chance to know the person with whom they will directly work. During a meeting, we will also verify your competences and capacities for the position.

Welcome to the team

We will be happy to let you know about a favourable result of your recruitment. If we invite you to work with us, you will receive a proper job offer from us and a draft agreement to your mailbox. Please read it carefully and ask any questions.

At a point where you join us

Our recruitment process does not end at the point of placing a job offer. It is also important for us to properly bring you in to our company. During the first week, we will organize meetings for you with our employees from various departments, introduce you to the company and the Programme. Our point of view is that appropriate introduction is essential for effective work.

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