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First of all, PAYBACK means expert knowledge and wide-ranging influence. We also stand out through our innovativeness: we like to create solutions from scratch to permanently change the rules of the game.
Our greatest value is the people. We appreciate our employees and believe that their satisfaction and joy from their work are directly reflected in the quality of their projects. We operate on the basis of simple principles that facilitate life.

Loyalty Partner Polska, a company that is part of the American Express corporation, is the operator of the first and Poland’s largest multi-partner PAYBACK Bonus Programme. The idea behind the programme is to award customers for their daily purchasing decisions and support companies in the formation and maintenance of stable customer relations.

PAYBACK was developed in Germany and is currently present in Poland, Mexico, India and Italy. During the five years on the Polish market, the programme was joined by a number of partners who operate in different sectors of the online and offline markets. All of them are characterised by a strong market position and attractive B2C offers; the total is more than 300 partners and over 5 000 locations where the Programme is available.

As the leader in the field, PAYBACK operates on the basis of customer-centricity, which is the fundamental part of the solution offered in the fields of data analysis, sales stimulation and relations marketing. PAYBACK is experienced in working with international companies and businesses from the SME sector in Poland, too. PAYBACK provides a complete range of services to its partners, from customer behaviour profiling, through to business consulting in marketing and sales, and the execution and reporting of activities within its own multi-channel direct marketing platform reaching nearly 7,000,000 consumers.