PAYBACK is the multi-partner Bonus Programme whose participants can collect points while doing their shopping in a number of popular sales points, both high-street shops and online. Thanks to special promotions, offers and vouchers (including electronic vouchers), PAYBACK card holders can easily and quickly increase their points to be later exchanged for prizes or to pay them for purchases at selected partners. The structure of the programme and the fact that PAYBACK operates online make it a huge support for its partners. It helps to reach consumers, get to know their needs and purchasing habits, while making it possible to smoothly communicate with them, thus stimulating the sales in the partner companies. 

In Poland, the PAYBACK Programme was established on 16 September 2009. From that time it has been joined by nearly 300 partners, which in total provides over 5,000 locations where the Programme is available. The benefits of participating in the PAYBACK Programme became evident very quickly for both consumers (measurable benefits on a daily basis, during shopping) and for its partners (a communication platform and a way to increase sales). At the beginning of 2011, the global business of the PAYBACK Programme was taken over by a financial giant, American Express. As a result, it has experienced more rapid development in the countries where it operates (Germany, Poland, India, Mexico, Italy and the USA).

In March 2012, the PAYBACK Programme became a member of the  IAB Poland.