Benefits to companies

With a sophisticated combination of in-store and online partner brands, PAYBACK and its partners have established a brand new, innovative multi-channel marketing platform. The partners use PAYBACK for various purposes. A few of them have been listed here - - to run seasonal promotions for customers from specific segments- to make effective use of the opportunities presented by cross-selling- to boost sales through targeted offerings by reaching specific customer segments.

PAYBACK is also effective because mailings, offers and e-mail newsletters reach customers who interested in the content and the program. These customers receive the right offers that match their needs during the decision making process. PAYBACK handles the entire process, enabling partners to focus on their core business.

PAYBACK provides partners with insights into their customer's current needs which helps the partner plan their campaigns: from campaign development and feedback management to analysis and subsequent campaign stages.

If you are interested in becoming a PAYBACK partner, write to us: partnercare(at)