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PAYBACK marketing platform

PAYBACK is a multi-brand loyalty program. It has fundamentally changed the loyalty category in India over the past few months. PAYBACK customers can use a single card to collect points while doing their everyday shopping at partner brands in-store and online.

Consumers need only a single card to earn or collect PAYBACK points through in-store and online shopping. They can also take advantage of relevant promotions to reach a high points total faster. They can also redeem these points quickly and easily, thus ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

PAYBACK offers customized marketing services combined with a huge customer base. We give companies access to India's biggest and most performance-oriented marketing platform – either as a long-term partner or for special promotions. Members earn PAYBACK points on purchases, increasing the appeal of the program to all stakeholders.

It is difficult to gauge consumer response to an advertisement with conventional advertising - waste coverage extending up to 98 percent. Online advertising allows one to identify click rate and the users' online behavior. PAYBACK enables companies to offer services tailored to customer requirements and to subsequently measure the success of their campaign.

The focus is on enhancement rather than replacement. PAYBACK enhances the marketing mix rather than serve as a replacement for traditional media. Ultimately, companies will opt for the most suitable product – and they all have their place in the mix.

PAYBACK is an interesting proposition for all B2C companies, even for companies which consider that a long-term partnership is unlikely to pay dividends (e.g. in the FMCG sector). PAYBACK partners benefit from an exclusivity agreement, which means that their competitors cannot use PAYBACK as a marketing platform.

Companies can use all or only selected PAYBACK services to generate additional impetus in tandem with traditional advertising media. 

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