One card. Many brands.
Exciting rewards.

Multi-brand loyalty programs – a clear trend

While single-company cards were customary, extensive multi-brand loyalty programs that produce the wished-for synergy effects are all the rage today. 

Multi-brand programs pool resources

The principle is well-known: Renowned companies (both in-store and online) join forces to pool their marketing power and reduce costs at the same time. Multi-brand programs produce effects that boost a company's profitability immensely. The opportunity for consumers (across segments) to collect many points quickly and easily is also a great pull factor.

Multi-brand programs are successful

One of the chief benefits to partner brands lies in the ability to redirect their marketing strategy and target specific customer groups. The particular strengths of the PAYBACK program include:

• Up-Selling
• Cross-Selling
• Winning new customers
• Building image and brands

PAYBACK channels allow integrated marketing in the true sense of the term, providing partners with a unique media presence and achieving high response rates by addressing consumers with offers which are relevant and interesting to them.

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