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PAYBACK is streets ahead of the rest

  • Coupons available via online and mobile channels
  • PAYBACK is Europe's largest mobile couponing provider
  • New PAYBACK app with 10 million app users & mobile payment function
  • Coupon centre on
  • Mobile website

Coupons always to hand

PAYBACK customers no longer have to think about putting paper coupons in their purse or wallet before they go shopping. All they have to do now is activate the eCoupons in the online coupon centre or via the PAYBACK apps and mobile website. Thanks to the mobile channels, customers can access their eCoupons via their smartphone, receive up-to-date information such as the location of the nearest PAYBACK partner or view their current points balance. Customers use their smartphone to activate the eCoupon – for five-fold points at dm-drogerie markt, for example – then show their PAYBACK card at the checkout. The points are automatically credited to their account.

While other providers are only now beginning to build up their user base via mobile and online channels, PAYBACK has already taken the first steps towards multichanneling. All eCoupons can be used via mobile phone and Internet at the same time. A PAYBACK eCoupon is activated every single second.

Increase purchasing activity through mobile couponing

PAYBACK's mobile channels have increased purchasing activity in the user group by 7 percent. Some 35 percent of app users had never actually used the paper coupons. Since starting to use the app, these users are redeeming 50 percent more coupons than the reference group. Preparations are already underway for the next major step forward. The digital coupons will be combined with the paper coupons throughout the entire process, right up to the point they are redeemed by the customer.

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