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with highly motivated interviewees

Our PAYBACK Online Panel was especially designed for the online research. Through our Online Panel with our random sampling we have a deeper insight in the constant growing market.Through the “Share-of-Life” in the context of the PAYBACK program, we have a high commitment of the panelists towards the Online Panel. Therefor we have a long-term, lasting and transparent working panel.

The PAYBACK panel allows you the access to more than 120,000 active recruited panelists, which can built every target group accurate.

Since 2019, we are also represented in Austria with our own online panel with 8,000 active panelists. In cooperation with the LINK Institute in Switzerland, we can provide you with online interviews from the DACH region.

Optimum support, high utilisation of random samples

The PAYBACK panel contains people who are 18 years and older. Due to their profiles they can be assigned to special target groups (e.g. drivers of new BMW cars).

Because of the active recruiting from a unique source (PAYBACK Offline Shopping Community), at best, we reach people, who haven´t been in touch with market research yet.Due to this source, as well as recruiting, the PAYBACK panel has a coverage rate of about 50 percent. 

We do follow an active recruiting strategy: We invite the participants to the PAYBACK Panel on the basis of the established PAYBACK customer data. Without an invitation, you do not have the possibility to participate at the PAYBACK panel. According to our active recruiting, incentive hunter or professional panelists are excluded in advance. 

We ave more than 300 variables to reach your target group. Our core data includes socio demographic variables on life situations, media consumption (TV, print, online), vehicles, behavior, hobbies and interests, up to complaints and illnesses. These data is constantly (every six month) collected, to guarantee the latest information.

Yes, the identity is to 100 percent proved, due to the PAYBACK Letter communication. All PAYBACK clients receive several mailings during the year. Doublets are getting combined in advance and do not get recruited in the Panel. 

The Panelists received for the participation on surveys PAYBACK points. The amount of the incentive is strictly linked to the BVM recommendations. They recommend incentives of an equivalent value of one Euro per 10 minutes interview longer than 25 mnutes, the panelist are getting an extra bonus, for their efforts.

50% off all German households occupy a PAYBACK card. Concerning sociodemographic characteristics they do not differ from non PAYBACK households, but for topics like data privacy, they are more open minded, compared to non PAYBACK households. But in general, this applies to all persons, who participate on market research.

Not at all. 100% of the Panelists are PAYBACK clients, we ensured that the PAYBACK Panel customer base is represented in the best possible way, also with regard to the Client status (6-classes segmentation towards RFM) According, to the fact that the activity from a PAYBACK client is widespread, we have very active clients in the panel as well as rarely active clients. We do monitor this due to samples. Monitored due to samples. Moreover we are the only panel in Germany, who unfolds his recruiting basis completely. 

Yes, Panelist participates at most on 20 surveys. Therefor we guarantee that the Panelist do not become market research professionals, but still are active in the PAYBACK program. But in general, it is not a problem, if Panelists are not invited to surves very frequently, because the contact points with PAYBACK are still available.


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