Marketing platform for FMCG partners

Marketing platform with services for advertisers

  • Incredibly broad coverage
  • Contact with specific target groups using personalisation
  • Media elements used singly or as part of the media mix
  • Highly effective, in combination with other media, too
  • Effectiveness can be quantified via control groups or advertising impact panels
  • Demonstrable, very broad-based distribution with appropriate direct contacts ( study)
  • PAYBACK reduces coverage losses by up to 68 percent ( study)
  • GRP with max. 30 percent of the costs of television-based GRP ( study)

Top of the league for coverage and personalisation

PAYBACK has greatly expanded its range of services in the B2B sector over the past few months. This move means the media platform now benefits not only PAYBACK partners, but also advertisers and media agencies. As an advertising medium, PAYBACK is among the frontrunners in terms of coverage and is ranked third in Germany after Google and Facebook. One particularly important aspect for partners and companies is that PAYBACK’s intelligent approach ensures customers are sent offers that correspond to their actual interests. Wide coverage and a precise focus on target groups are combined to produce a measurable increase in the efficiency of campaigns.

Used in all stages of the sales process

Unlike classic couponing systems, PAYBACK does not rely solely on employing a tactical approach to get people to buy. The media are much more suited to usage in all stages of the sales process, covering everything from the information phase and the intensification of customer awareness, brand recognition and image, to the actual purchase and aftersales communications.

Cross-media approach for each relevant channel

In practice, this means 31 million active card users are kept informed of the partners' current offers via classic direct mailings, e-mail newsletters, 20,000 PoS operated by the partner companies, the website and the PAYBACK app. PAYBACK uses coupons as the real means to encourage people to buy. This ensures that card holders prefer to shop at the participating companies in order to collect points as quickly as possible. The cross-media approach also keeps participants up to date with new campaigns and offers via the communication medium of their choice.

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