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about the PAYBACK marketing platform

Your customers need only a single card to collect PAYBACK points in-store, online and on the move from over 680 companies. Customers can also take advantage of relevant coupons and multi-point promotions to reach a high points total in very little time. They can also redeem these points quickly and easily, thus ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

PAYBACK offers personalised marketing services combined with a huge customer base. We give companies access to Germany's biggest and most performance-oriented marketing platform – either as a long-term partner or for special promotions. Companies award PAYBACK points on purchases either permanently or for a limited period, thus increasing the appeal of the whole programme for end customers.

With conventional advertising, for example, it is difficult to gauge consumer response to an advert, with waste coverage extending up to 98 percent. With online advertising, you can at least identify where users clicked next after reading a banner and whether they made a purchase. PAYBACK enables companies to offer services tailored precisely to customer requirements and to subsequently measure the success of their campaign. PAYBACK can thus also be paid on a performance-oriented basis.

The focus is on enhancement rather than replacement. We believe that PAYBACK enhances the marketing mix rather than serving as a replacement for traditional media. Ultimately, companies will opt for the most suitable product – and they all have their place in the mix.

PAYBACK is an interesting proposition for all B2C companies, even for companies for whom a long-term partnership is unlikely to pay dividends (e.g. in the FMCG sector). 

Companies can use all or only selected PAYBACK services to generate additional impetus in tandem with traditional advertising media.

Every channel has its advantages depending on the particular objectives. Here is an example from the automotive/accessories sector. PAYBACK integrated the company's coupons into advertising materials – with great success. Takings from PAYBACK coupon redeemers were 3.2 times higher than among the remaining average. And the number of reactivated (20% of coupon redeemers) and new customers (7% of coupon redeemers) also rose by quite some margin. With another coupon promotion that we organised for a furniture retailer, a third of the coupon redeemers were new customers, with takings 3.8 times higher than the average.

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