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Strong statements: The PAYBACK account statement and the PAYBACK coupon-mail

  • Effective communication reaches far and wide
  • 1.5 bn coupon mails (newsletters) per year
  • Incorporation of programme information, advertisements, inserts and personalised coupons


The PAYBACK account statement

As a key part of the PAYBACK programme, the PAYBACK account statement has proven to be a valuable marketing medium over many years. Millions of active PAYBACK members receive their statement regularly in the post. The number of statements actually opened speaks volumes about how important this service is to consumers. Up to 90 percent of customers open their mailshot and keep it for future reference – some even file it away carefully like a bank statement.

Individual advertising media, precise and quantifiable

Companies can use the account statement for additional, personalised forms of advertising such as coupons, advertising space and inserts. It gives a precise insight into how many customers use which offer during what period, and exactly what response rate can be achieved at what cost. It is not uncommon to see a 60 percent response rate to offers that are attractive because they are directly relevant to the customer.

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The PAYBACK coupon mail (newsletter)

The PAYBACK coupon mail is the electronic counterpart to the PAYBACK account statement. Each week around 7-10 million active members are informed of their points balance and receive eCoupons and partner offers aimed at specific target groups. Alongside appealing monthly campaigns, customers are also kept up-to-date with exclusive online shopping offers and reward highlights. Sending out over 1.5 bn million newsletters a year, PAYBACK regularly reaches its customers with relevant offers. This is reflected in the above-average opening rates (Ø > 26%) and click rates (Ø > 6.5%).


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