Current press releases

  • Launch of PAYBACK card with payment function in the fourth quarter
  • Attractive instalment credits for PAYBACK members
  • All savings banks and alliance partners can use the PAYBACK marketing platform
PAYBACK, Germany´s leading bonus programme, will...
oyalty Partner GmbH and PEGAS systemhaus gmbh are to partner on sales, with Loyalty Partner utilising the COUPER IT solution from PEGAS to develop and operate customer loyalty programmes going forward. COUPER is a standardised CRM platform that...

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19.09.2019 07:37
Fühlen uns jetzt schon zusammen mit PAYBACK GF @dom2dom auf der @nextconf wie in einer „Parallelwelt“ !! 😎...
16.09.2019 21:56
@philmuc Congratulations! 💪🏼