PAYBACK at dmexco: digital services particularly reinforce the local point of sale

Digitisation is changing marketing in the local retail sector – PAYBACK showcases its mobile payment solution scheduled for 2016 and presents more marketing trends

Digital services at the point of sale deliver real added value for customers when they are shopping in retail stores. As a powerful multichannel marketing platform, PAYBACK offers a wide range of services for creating strong customer loyalty which are synchronised across all channels: offline, online and mobile. At this year’s dmexco digital marketing conference, PAYBACK is demonstrating how to successfully combine the online world with the analogue world. “The PoS is still underestimated by the new economy,” says Dominik Dommick, CEO of PAYBACK. “Shopping in retail stores offers enormous potential for digital marketers and also for retailers themselves.”

Digital services at the PoS help make real-world shopping faster and easier. Digitally connected customers like the style advice they can access on tablets and digital terminals and appreciate simple online ordering for products that have sold out in the store. The increasingly intelligent sales area – in which advice, conversation and interaction all take place – will have a lasting impact on the shopping experience, and PAYBACK demonstrates fundamental concepts for digitising the PoS.

The company is also highlighting another focal point at dmexco with one of the most important innovations of 2016: the PAYBACK mobile payment solution, which in future will enable the leading bonus programme’s 27 million customers to collect points and pay by app in a single step. “Just paying for something does not make people happy,” said Dominik Dommick. “If I want an innovation to take off, I need to offer customers a clear benefit. They also need to see this benefit when it’s relevant for them personally, so the innovation needs to come in the middle of the familiar process.” The PAYBACK benefit: 7 million customers already rely on the app's mobile services and use it when they are shopping – the payment process is an additional advantage.

PAYBACK is working with a payment service provider to handle payments, and PAYBACK itself has no access to bank details. The app was developed in conjunction with UMT AG and is based on the iPAYst platform. The service will be introduced in spring 2016 and is not limited to PAYBACK partners – it is also intended for use by other retailers. At the same time, the Munich-based company is also testing localisation technologies such as beacons and geofencing which deliver added value to customers via their mobiles. Benefits include, for example, in-store navigation and information which is personalised and consequently much more relevant for smarter shopping.

You can experience the latest PAYBACK developments for yourself directly on site. Visit us at dmexco in Hall 8 on stand E 030/034 or watch Dominik Dommick in discussion with Klaus Hellmich (GALERIA Kaufhof) and Arnulf Keese (PayPal) today (17 September) at 1:25 p.m. in the dmexco Debate Hall.

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