Questions and answers about
the PAYBACK application process

We have taken every care to make the PAYBACK application process as transparent as possible. Our questions and answers are designed to give you an initial indication of how we do things at PAYBACK. This will help you assess early on what is expected at PAYBACK.

In the interview, you can therefore concentrate fully on your personal profile and on your topics and further questions to us.

You are welcome to apply directly on our website! Our online jobs pages list all the current vacancies at PAYBACK plus other vacancies across our group of companies.

We register your application in our system and send you a written acknowledgement.

As soon as we receive your application, we compare your documents with the job requirements to check whether we are well matched. We will telephone you or send an email with an initial response or an invitation to a personal interview.

We individually invite all applicants to a personal interview so we can get to know a bit more about each other. Here, you will meet two or three colleagues from the relevant department. If you impress us at this interview, we will arrange another meeting with you for a more in-depth discussion.

The subsequent procedure differs depending on the position you have applied for and other factors. We use a wide range of selection procedures including further specialist interviews, the presentation of individual work samples and all-day recruitment workshops. The selection procedure is always tailored to the particular job specification from the relevant department. We conduct all interviews in a professional manner and provide you with prompt feedback.

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PAYBACK frequently appears at many careers fairs. Our recruitment team is sure to visit your area soon! We look forward to meeting you at our exhibition stand. Find a list of upcoming dates here.