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In 2014, PAYBACK offered 16.6bn coupons to customers in Germany alone!

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WMF extends successful partnership with PAYBACK

Extending its partnership by an extra five years.

WMF, which has been a PAYBACK partner since 2003, is extending its partnership with Germany’s largest loyalty programme by an extra five years.

As a result, customers of the prestigious company will be able to continue collecting valuable points on their purchases, whether in branches of WMF or through the online shop. Points can be traded in for vouchers and attractive rewards or redeemed directly at the cash desks of WMF branches.

PAYBACK customers can now collect points in-store, online and on the move with over 500 companies, helping them reach a high points total in very little time.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to work with PAYBACK over the coming years,” says Arnold van Bebber, head of the “WMF Filialen” (WMF Branches) division and spokesman for the divisional management team. The partnership has helped us turn our customers into even more satisfied customers, since we can offer them attractive and relevant advantages on purchases.”

“We believe the most important reason for the joint success of WMF and PAYBACK is the ingenious combination of customer-oriented multichannel marketing and the effective customer loyalty resulting from the cross-sectoral nature of the programme,” says PAYBACK CEO for Central Europe Bernhard Brugger. “We have built up the biggest marketing platform in Europe and thus offer our partners a very efficient tool for customer marketing.”