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Flying to stop hunger

Wings of Help, PAYBACK partners and Lufthansa Cargo are sending an aircraft to East Africa.

Aid organisation Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen (Wings of Help) is working with PAYBACK partners and Lufthansa Cargo to send an MD-11 aircraft to Nairobi. The freight plane will transport around 90 tonnes of aid, mainly food and medical supplies, to the starving people of East Africa. Partners of the PAYBACK loyalty programme have joined together to help finance the goods being transported, while Lufthansa Cargo is providing the aircraft.  

The hunger crisis is threatening around 3.7 million people in Somalia alone. This devastating scenario has unleashed a hopelessly confused situation in which the weakest and most vulnerable are being left empty-handed. At the moment, a child dies from hunger every five minutes and many mothers are reaching the refugee camps having been forced to abandon their weakened children on the road. Organisations on the ground say the situation is indescribable.

The plane leaves Frankfurt on August, 16. Wings of Help has been informed by its partners in East Africa that buying foodstuffs directly in Kenya is not advisable due to extreme shortages. 

Wings of Help is therefore seeking donations to finance further flights:
"Flying to stop hunger"
Frankfurter Sparkasse
Account no.: 200 33 22 44
Sort code: 500 502 01

You can also donate PAYBACK points to aid projects in East Africa at